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Japanese traditional culture

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Illustration of Geisha: Japanese traditional culture

Welcome to Mr. Yasumi Miyazawa's web site!

Yasumi Miyazawa plays Shamisen,that is a Japanese musical instrument like a guitar.

"KO-UTA" -Smooth lounge music in EDO-

There are several kinds of Japanese music. Mr. Yasumi's speciality is Kouta style.
"KOUTA"(Ko-Uta) is the simplest Japanese traditional music that extracts Kabuki story and represent the atmosphere of Geisha. "Kouta" is played in duo, trio, or even solo. One vocal and one or two Shamisen(s).
Yasumi sings Kouta and plays Shamisen not only on stages but also in a cafe, lounge and some casual scene for young people.

KOUTA is like a jazz performance in a night club. Cool songs that represents sake and love affair. It is suited for adult night scene.
Enjoy the simple and cool sound of Japanese lounge music.

   Live at a cafe

   Live at a tea-ceremony house

    Live stage "KO-UTA in Kagurazaka"
   Perfomance with odori(dance)

Live performance, lecture, experience shamisen, etc...
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1.Collaboration with various artists
Sample demo: Collaboration with Opera (1:35):

2.The Film Quartet
This is a silent film performance with three musicians, including Mr. Yasumi and Benshi narrator. They have played not only in Japan, but also in Germany, Netherland, and Italy.

Ko-Uta player, artist, writer. Born in 1969 in Japan. Yasumi is in activity on the media, publishing, broadcasting, and live stage, to rediscover a value of the Japanese culture.
1982-1998Play trombone in a jazz orchestra. Play guitar and bass in a rock band.
1999Start playing shamisen
2002Japan art alliance in NY (NewYork, US)
2004Kouta debut stage (Tokyo)
2006Art exhibition "Calligrafia" (Ascona, SWITZERLAND)
2008 Got a license of master of Kouta.
2008One-man Exhibition and Live "Japanese sweets and arts" (Tokyo, JAPAN)
2008Solo Kouta Live performance "Sakura" (Tokyo, JAPAN)
2010Formed a band "OTOWAZA" (Tokyo, JAPAN)
2011Formed a rock unit "ISHIBUTAI" (Tokyo, JAPAN)
2012OTOWAZA Germany tour (Frankfurt & Bonn, GERMANY)
2012-nowSolo Kouta Live performance "Kouta cafe" (Tokyo, JAPAN)
2014Formed a rock band "The Buttz" with his electric-shamisen.
2015The Film Quartet EU tour (Dusseldorf, GERMANY and Pordenone in ITALY)
2017The Film Quartet EU tour (Bonn,Dusseldorf,Frankfurt in GERMANY and Amsterdam in NETHERLAND)

Shamisen lesson in Tokyo! Shamisen is a Japanese music instrument

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